The Kindly Crow



Crows are quite tricky to draw and photograph as they are such wary, intelligent birds. As soon as you stop near them, off they fly. So this print has been in the making for a while!


They have a rather disreputable reputation, but I find them fascinating and such noble birds. I decided to make this crow a kindly one to redress the balance.


Each is hand printed with environmentally - friendly, water - based ink on heavyweight quality, soft Somerset ivory paper.


Each print varies slightly due of the pressure and amount of ink, so each one is unique.


The photographs show the stages of the print being made, from my initial sketches, to the carving of the lino and the hand printing of each print. 

Each print is signed, numbered and dated by the artist.


The dimensions of the paper are 41cm by 28cm. The actual crow measures 24cm x 12 cm.


It will fit a ready made A3 frame.


Each will be backed on a board, wrapped in cellophane and then in archival tissue with ribbon. It will be securely posted by First Class mail.

The Kindly Crow