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My work has been featured in the following publications:

My Raven and Rook linocuts are featured in The Book of the Raven: Corvids in Art and Legend by Angus Hyland.


My artwork featured on the cover of The True, a novel by Amanda Marks, including nine drawings of trees. The oak is shown above.


An article on the drawing of my moths can be found in the Tips and Techniques section of The Artist magazine in Painters Online.

My linocut "Tending the Nest" features in the article "Fine Feathers" by Rowan Mantell in the EDP Norfolk Magazine.


My linocuts appear in Wings Over Water, by Alan Marshall, published May, 2019 by Mascot Media.

The book features artwork inspired by waders, wildfowl and seabirds.

I have written an article on my work on moths for Summer edition of The Suffolk Argus, regional magazine of the Butterfly Conservation charity.

My linocut of Blackbirds on their nest, Spring,  has been featured in the Summer 2018 edition of Creative Countryside   My print is for sale here 

My linocut print of a heron, "River Man" was being exhibited at the Mall Galleries with The Royal Society of British Artistfrom 21st to 31st March, 2018.

My bird illustrations have featured in Diversify, an anthology of poetry  from Fairacrepress

For a feature on how I make my linocuts, here is a piece for "Painters Online" of "The Artist" magazine. The aeticle is reproduced n my blog.

The Curlew is a beautiful, non-profit, printed periodical dedicated to fine writing about the natural world and supporting conservation. My "Bittern among the Reeds" print features in the Pinus issue  which can be seen here:   A selection of my work is featured in the Aesculus issue in the article The Stillness of Birds.

Creative Countryside is an online journal and quarterly magazine for those who relish and celebrate the seasons. A feature on my work can be seen here and here.

Desperate Reader blogspot has bookish delights, travels, knitting, food...always wonderful to dip into. You can see my work here.


 Cornflower blog highlights reading, culture, food, knitting...stuffed with good things and always inspiring. You can find my work here and here.

Locavore magazine is a new journal of slow, sustainable and local food. My painting of  pumpkin "Open Sesame" featured in the launch issue.

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