Little Trotty Wagtail Original Linocut Print



This is an original, hand carved and printed linocut printed. It is in an edition of 30.


The images and video show the process of creation from sketches to completed print.


This bobbing little black and white bird is now less common, but is always a cheering sight to see. They gather in large numbers in city trees to roost and you can hear them chirruping under the street lights.


It was a favourite bird of the poet John Clare, from whom I have borrowed the title:

"Little trotty wagtail, he went in the rain,
And tittering, tottering sideways he near got straight again.
He stooped to get a worm, and look’d up to catch a fly,
And then he flew away ere his feathers they were dry.

Little trotty wagtail, he waddled in the mud,
And left his little footmarks, trample where he would.
He waddled in the water-pudge, and waggle went his tail,
And chirrupt up his wings to dry upon the garden rail.

Little trotty wagtail, you nimble all about,
And in the dimpling water-pudge you waddle in and out;
Your home is nigh at hand, and in the warm pigsty,
So little Master Wagtail, I’ll bid you a goodbye."


Each is hand printed with environmentally - friendly, water - based ink on heavyweight quality, soft Somerset ivory paper.


Each print varies slightly due of the pressure and amount of ink, so each one is unique.


The photographs show the stages of the print being made, from my initial sketches, to the carving of the lino and the hand printing of each print. 


Each print is signed, numbered and dated by the artist.


The paper size is A4 and would therefore fir a readymade A4 frame. It measures 8-1/4 x 11-3/4    inches or 21 x 29cm.


Each will be backed on a board, wrapped in cellophane and then in archival tissue with ribbon. It will be securely posted by First Class Mail.

Little Trotty Wagtail Original Linocut Print

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