Jackdaw Original Linoprint

This is a limited edition linocut print (of an edition of 50) of a Jackdaw. 


This print was made after seeing the jackdaws feeding in my local park this winter. Normally quite shy and wary birds, the cold weather made them brave and allowed me to get quite close to draw and photograph them.


The smallest member of the crow family, they are highly intelligent birds and are so named because of the sound they make,  the familiar hard 'tchack'. Theycan be seen on rooftops and tv aerials and often make their nest sin chimneys.


Each is hand printed and pulled with environmentally-friendly, waterbased ink on heavyweight quality, soft Somerset ivory paper.


Each print varies slightly due of the pressure and amount of ink, so each one is unique.


The photographs show the stages of the print being made, from the carving of the lino and the hand printing of each print. 


Each print is signed, numbered and dated by the artist.


The dimensions are 30cm by 22cm. 

The actual size of the owl is 21cm x 12.5 cm.


Each will be backed on a board, wrapped in cellophane and then in archival tissue with ribbon. It will be securely posted by First Class mail.

Jackdaw Original Linoprint