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Bittern in the Reeds Original Linocut Print

This is a limited edition linocut. 


This is a portrait of a bittern, a bird of the fenlands. It has been described as a "skulking and secretive" bird and its streaky plumage camouflages itself brilliantly among the reeds. What makes it particularly extraordinary is the boom call it makes to attract a mate, a sound that once heard is never forgotten.

Each is hand printed and pulled with environmentally-friendly, waterbased ink on heavyweight quality, soft Fabriano ivory paper.


Each print varies slightly due of the pressure and amount of ink, so each one is unique.


Limited edition of 50 (plus 5 Artist's Proofs). ONLY FOUR NOW REMAINING.


Each print is signed, titled and numbered by the artist.


Each print is packed with cellophane and archival tissue, has a board backing, is carefully wrapped and posted flat in a stiff cardboard envelope.


Please note copyright remains with the artist.

Bittern in the Reeds Original Linocut Print

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