Winter Moth SOLD


The Winter Moth 


A quite common moth across the UK, it can be seen in  late Autumn through to February. They have evolved to come out in winter, when there are fewer predators. Male moths have dark cross bands on their wings, females are virtually wingless, and crawl up tree-trunks to await the arrival of males. The colouring, though delicate and muted, is beautiful and it shimmers in the moonlight.


This is an original pen and ink drawing with watercolour and gold ink.


Each drawing is signed and dated by the artist.


Mounted in quality ivory mount.


Mount size 20cm x 21cm Aperture size 10cm x 10cm


Drawing size (actual size of moth drawing) 3 cm x 3cm


It is unframed



Winter Moth SOLD

© deborahvass2020

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