24 May 2020

Moths are the perfect, obliging models, who sleep during the day.  I take two or three into my studio to identify and draw, where they remain perfectly still. Nothing compares with drawing from life. You can examine their intricate patterns and subtle colour combinatio...

26 Jan 2020

My sketches and early drawing of my Woodcock print

Early in December, on a cold and dreary afternoon, I left my studio to retreat to the warmth of the house for a few minutes to clean up my printmaking tools. On my return, I suddenly stopped at my door. There, on the gr...

12 Jun 2019

This Spring I became smitten with tulips and here I explain how I became beguiled by these elegant beauties.

4 Jun 2019

My new exhibition at Penny Morrison Interiors of botanically inspired paintings that chart the flowers of Spring.